The original Fliegl push-off technology developed by Josef Fliegl senior revolutionized the unloading process, and logistics in the agricultural sector were made safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Given the versatility and adaptability of the system, not only have agricultural businesses benefited from Fliegl's technical innovations, but also industries such as forestry, biogas, mining, and civil construction.

When the Push-Off trailer was first presented at Agritechnica, as with all innovations, there was initially great skepticism. This quickly disappeared when many farmers and contractors recognized the potential: The Fliegl Push-Off system combines and optimizes the advantages of all known transport systems. It's capacity reduces fleet sizes and overall trips required. It saves on the need for other specialized machinery, as a wealth of accessories are available for attachment at the rear. Overloading grain or spreading manure is now easier than ever. It enables safe and quick unloading, regardless of the terrain and overhead obstacles.

Since 1998, the Fliegl Push-Off trailer has established itself as a prime example of innovation and versatility in agriculture. Over time, the product portfolio has continually expanded to meet the needs of farmers and contractors. Today, Fliegl proudly offers more than 50 models, ranging single axle 18m³ to 55m³ tridem capacities.

However, the success story of the ASW goes far beyond the mere variety of models. Fliegl has continuously invested in the development of attachments, including transfer augers, manure spreaders, transfer conveyors, and discharge rollers. These attachments have made the ASW an extremely flexible vehicle that adapts to a wide range of agricultural requirements.

The first ASW Push-Off trailer on demo in 1998
The first attachments were added in 1999, making the ASW a seasonal all-rounder
A manure spreader as an attachment

The Fliegl Push-Off trailer is available as a tractor-trailer vehicle, as a semi-trailer, or as a swap body to meet different transport requirements. A wide range of equipment options are also available, including load-securing systems, weighing systems, and practical control options.

Since its market launch in 1998, more than 25,000 units of the Fliegl Push-Off trailer have been sold worldwide.

Fliegl remains true to its tradition of continually investing in research and development to offer farmers and contractors the best tools for their daily tasks. With a wide range of models, attachments, configuration options, and state-of-the-art technologies, the Fliegl Push-Off trailer is the gold standard for agricultural transport solutions.