Fliegl's 30ha factory in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany

At Home in Mühldorf


It was the morning of June 8, 2013, when Germany's Minister of Agriculture Ilse Aigner and Josef Fliegl Junior rang in a new era in agricultural technology production. During a joint tour of the 30-hectare site, the managing director had previously given the politician an insight into the Fliegl product portfolio and both exchanged views on future prospects for agriculture. Fliegl had put together a performance show of superlatives, which drew visitors to the factory gates about an hour before the official start of the opening day. A total of around 45,000 people came to marvel, gather information and celebrate during the opening weekend.

The relocation of the company headquarters to Mühldorf am Inn has been the largest investment in the history of Fliegl Agrartechnik. The complex is also home to the sister companies Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik and Fliegl Dosiertechnik. In ten years, the number of employees has increased from 280 to almost 450. Fliegl Agrartechnik stands for innovative agricultural logistics from state-of-the-art production. The location in Mühldorf was equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment which has been continuously modernized and expanded. The plant has four assembly lines for tippers, metering technology, slurry tankers and push-off trailers and is equipped with the latest generation of manufacturing technology. Right from the start, a laser tube cutting machine and a laser sheet metal cutting machine were available for processing components, with the help of which even complicated shapes and special elements can be cut to size quickly and precisely. Today, robots for automation and additional laser cutting machines also help to ensure perfect cuts for the sheet metal and tubes. The coating line was based on strict environmental protection regulations and the latest ergonomic findings as early as 2013. It is designed for individual parts up to 10 meters long and weighing up to 5 tons, which are blasted, primed, top coated and dried here.

Approximately 4,500 vehicles are manufactured every year in the ultra-modern plant in Mühldorf and exported all over the world.

In 2015, a nationwide unique test rig for measuring the lateral and longitudinal distribution of organic fertilizer in slurry spreaders and manure spreaders was set up at the Mühldorf site: The functions of the devices are put through their paces here and then certified with official quality marks. From the outset, the company focused on sustainable energy generation for its building utilization: In addition to a wood chip heating system, in which end-of-life pallets are shredded and converted into heat, solar panels also produce a portion of the electricity required for production.

Certified test stand for organic fertilization

Continued growth

In 2019, Fliegl Agrartechnik grew: The takeover of the French manure spreader manufacturer Brochard enabled the product range in the field of organic fertilizers to be expanded.

In 2022, Fliegl took over the CARGOS series from Claas. In the future, the CARGOS loading wagons and forage transport wagons will be manufactured at the new production site in Haag by Fliegl Grünlandtechnik GmbH, a company founded for this purpose with Andreas Fliegl as managing director. With the expanded portfolio, Fliegl is now a full-liner in the agricultural transport sector.

This year the construction of a new inspection and testing hall for liquid manure tanks will be completed. This should offer the appropriate space to be able to deliver the increasing number of innovative and practical Fliegl solutions for agriculture in the future with the highest quality. A quality which is responsible for the fact that Fliegl Agrartechnik has established itself as the largest manufacturer of agricultural trailers in Europe. In a very short time, the company grew into a global group of companies with nine production sites and around 1300 employees spread over all continents. Josef Fliegl junior also sees his responsibility towards agriculture: "With our great innovative strength, we can promote agriculture throughout Europe and make it competitive." Because modern agriculture faces numerous challenges, according to Fliegl. On the one hand, it is important to further increase the efficiency of the companies, on the other hand, new environmental regulations and consumer demands for good food must always be met. All of this requires further technical progress and new solutions. "Every employee works actively towards this goal," says Josef Fliegl. "In order to be able to maintain efficiency and sustainability in agriculture, the continuous development of innovative agricultural technology is required, and for this we constantly need suitable specialist personnel," says Josef Fliegl, Managing Director of Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH. This is why professional training is particularly important. A total of nine training professions are offered and the chances of being taken on are very good. The training center has been located in the exhibition hall of the former Fliegl factory in Töging since September 2020. Here, on 900 square meters, prospective metalworkers, industrial mechanics and mechatronics learn everything they need to know about metal. No expense was spared when it comes to equipment, including the latest robot and laser technology. Here you can gain technical knowledge and know-how in an ideal environment.