DLG APPROVED. The test serves to highlight special innovations and key criteria of the subject of the test. However, approved does not equal approved since there is a certain evaluation scope in which some products perform better, others not so well. The Fliegl SKATE 150 with its well-known Fliegl screw distributors is DLG APPROVED with excellent ratings in all test criteria.

Image 1: The Fliegl SKATE 150 mounted to a PFW Jumbo Line Plus 18000 during testing on the test bench

The manure distributor SKATE 150 mounted to a PFW Jumbo Line Plus 18000 was put through its paces on Fliegl’s own test bench. The modules "Function and operating principle" as well as "Handling, operation and maintenance" were assessed. The first includes the quality of the lateral distribution of cattle and pig manure and the determination of the time it takes for the manure to reach all outlets at the beginning of an application run. The second module evaluates how and with what effort the typical operating steps and more frequent maintenance work can be carried out.

Testing module 1: Function and operating principle

When spreading the two types of manure with two different outputs of 560 rpm and 390 rpm, small mean deviations between 3.0% and 3.8% were determined. This means that all test results can be rated “very good (++)” according to the DLG rating scheme.

As to the time it takes for the manure to reach all outlets at the beginning of an application run: It only takes a maximum of 2.6 seconds for all 60 outlets of the distributor to be supplied with slurry. This time results for the more viscous cattle manure at a lower volume flow. Basically the test shows, the higher the volume flow and the thinner the substrate, the shorter this time period.

Testing module 2: Handling, operation and maintenance

This category includes four disciplines, two of which are subject to changeover. Converting from transport to working position as well as converting from working to transport position only takes 26 seconds. The folding speed is limited by the specifications of the safety standard. The 'Easy Comfort Control' operates the folding and unfolding, optionally via ISOBUS.

Image 2: Simple and convenient operation of the trailing shoe distributor thanks to the "Easy Comfort Control”

Who does not know the annoying and so important lubrication? With the Fliegl SKATE, however, this is done in no time. The four lubrication points can be lubricated with grease and a brush in just 63 seconds. The lubricating points are located on both supports of the transport safety device and on the two carrier brackets of the slope compensation, so that all lubricating points are easily accessible and can be easily lubricated with the distributor in the working position while standing upright.

The final test of the module includes emptying the storage boxes. The SKATE 150 has two screw distributors, so two storage boxes have to be emptied. This is done by hydraulically opening the brass gate valves. All foreign bodies that were in the substrate and were collected in the storage boxes flow out. This process, from actuation to emptying, takes between 5 and 7 seconds. If a visual inspection takes place at each storage box, the maximum time required is 40 seconds.

The trailing shoe distributor SKATE impresses with excellent distribution qualities, best times and easy and convenient maintenance work. It was therefore rightly awarded the "DLG-APPROVED" test mark.

Trailing shoe distributor SKATE – from front to back

The Fliegl trailing shoe distributor SKATE 150 has a working width of 15 meters. Two Fliegl screw distributors, each with 30 outlets, are installed in it. The inner diameter of the hoses is 40 mm. Due to the special frame and distributor construction, the SKATE convinces with stability and yet low dead weight. It is designed in such a way that the entire distributor rests on the floor. Thus, no vertical load is lost. In addition, automatic slope compensation is integrated as standard.

The spring-loaded slotted shoes ensure optimal ground tracking. A pressure of 8 kg per shoe acts on each coulter, so that hardly any nitrogen is lost to the environment. If the entire working width of the spreader is not required, adjustment is possible via hydraulic section control combined with bypass control. Individual outlets can also be regulated by shutting off individual hoses.

The narrower the device, the safer it is for road trips. The Fliegl SKATE ensures an extremely narrow transport position with especially suitable swivel joints. With a working width of 15 m, the transport position is 2.6 m and which also guarantees good all-round visibility. Furthermore, thanks to the folding mechanism, no outlet hoses are kinked when folding out and in.

Besides the working width of 15 m, the Fliegl SKATE is available in widths of 6 m, 7.5 m, 9 m, 12 m, 18 m, 21 m and 24 m. The right model is therefore available for every company. In addition, the smart distributor with low oil consumption cannot only be retrofitted to Fliegl manure tanks, but also to many tanks from other manufacturers.

Image 3: TWIN nozzle as an option. Shown here on a SKATE 180 on the PFW 16000 MAXX Line Plus Tandem manure tanker

TWIN nozzle
In addition to the trailing shoes installed as standard, the TWIN nozzles can be selected as an option. These V-shaped trailing shoe nozzles divide the liquid manure flow and thus double the volume of liquid manure applied. At the same time, it halves the amount of liquid manure per outlet. Thereby, there is less forage contamination from residues or crusts from manure bands and a better infiltration due to a smaller amount of substrate per applied manure band. This ensures a more efficient liquid manure spreading.