• Screw Distributor

The Fliegl Screw Distributor

For more than 20 years, Fliegl has been the only manufacturer to rely on its own patented screw auger within its ground level distribution systems.

The system is designed to guide foreign objects such as stones, ear tags, wood chips etc. to trap/storage boxes at the ends of each distribution boom.  Operating at 50-60rpm, the screw auger operates on a timing relay to rotate outwards for 40 seconds, then in reverse again for 5 seconds to keep the hose outlets clear of debris.  The trap boxes can be mechanically or hydraulically emptied where potential hose blocking material is then disposed.

Trap Boxes

Mechanically emptied as standard, with the option to upgrade to hydraulic opening.  

Oil Motor

An oil motor powers the screw distributor (Required oil quantity of 20l max.)

Boom Breakdown


Left: The VA2 stainless steel auger
Right: The underside of the Skate and Garant booms where slurry is fed into the screw auger
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