Configuring Fliegl’s agricultural trailers conveniently from home

For years, Fliegl Agrartechnik has successfully made farmers' everyday life easier by providing clever technology. The focus is on products in the areas of liquid manure, transport and spreading technology as well as on simplifying harvest logistics in general.

Fliegl’s management and development team take on every challenge and requirement of agriculture and try to find a solution. The result is a huge product range that covers all needs. In order to ensure that the farmer, contractor or dealer can find the right product quickly and easily, Fliegl created a configurator that has recently been integrated into their website, freely accessible to everyone.

The steadily increasing demand for agricultural machines, the wide variety of vehicles and the complex country-specific regulations and specifications were the reasons for Fliegl's decision to introduce such a tool. The aim is to provide customers with more options, to guarantee manufacturability and to automate and simplify processes.

With the configurator, Fliegl is taking the next step towards the digital future. It is part of Fliegl’s website since April and is freely accessible to everyone. So now, it is not only possible to learn more about the vehicles on the website, but to also take it one step further and assemble the vehicle of your choice from scratch.

All vehicles with a large number of variants can be put together very easily in the configurator with just a few clicks. The system is designed in such a way that a certain sequence must be adhered to when choosing the equipment. This ensures that only options and equipment are offered that can actually be implemented in combination with features that have already been selected. Thus, the technical feasibility is always guaranteed.

The configurator not only shows a part, but the entire product range. Every product that Fliegl Agrartechnik manufactures can be found here. Explanations, photos and videos are provided for each product as well as the associated equipment options. Therefore, you can either just get an overview or get information down to the smallest detail. This gives Fliegl a unique selling point because no other manufacturer of agricultural trailers offers a configuration option for the entire portfolio.

Also provided is a tool to find the right manure tank in the complex product group of manure technology. By querying certain operational conditions and wishes such as the type of towing vehicle, tank system or forced steering it will help find the optimal tank line for these requirements. Then the configuration can then be started.

Not only national customers benefit from it. In addition to German, the configurator is currently available in five other languages: English, Polish, Russian, Czech, Hungarian and soon French. Since there are different international regulations regarding the approval of vehicles and equipment, these specifications are automatically stored when the country of delivery is selected. Thus, an approval of the selected vehicle can be guaranteed.

Once the configuration has been completed, the equipment sheet having a specific number can be printed out. By using this number, the responsible dealer or Fliegl employee can then quickly and easily retrieve the configured product and create an offer. Furthermore, it is also possible to create several products in a wide variety of combinations in advance in the configurator and then compare them based on the offers. Thus, not only does the customer have significantly more information options and design freedom, but the offer process at the dealer is also simplified. The configurator has also been available to Fliegl dealers as an offline software and even in their respective corporate identity since mid-2020. The offline version enables flexible customer support, e.g. on the customer’s premises, regardless of the internet connection. 

As Karl Klemens and Bernhard Berger, Project Managers at Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH,  say, “We have been looking for a long time for a system that serves our customers as an interactive source of information and optimally supports them in the selection of their individual agricultural trailer. The challenge here was to find a program that could guarantee us both, freedom of design and practicality for customers and dealers as well as the possibility of an offline use. The product configurator gives us exactly that and is also virtually resistant to application and configuration errors. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also optimizes the offer and order process.“

Try the Product Configurator here