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Maxx Line Tankers

Fliegl's Maxx Line slurry tankers offer a vast range of quality equipment options and are characterised by their robust construction. There is a wide choice of tanker volumes to choose from in both vacuum and pump versions. The tankers are compatible with all of Fliegl's slurry spreading devices.

Single Axle

  • 5,000l Vacuum
  • 6,200l Vacuum
  • 7,500l Vacuum
  • 8,600l Vacuum or Pump
  • 10,600l Vacuum or Pump

Tandem Axle

  • 8,600l Vacuum or Pump
  • 10,600l Vacuum or Pump
  • 12,000l Vacuum or Pump
  • 14,000l Vacuum or Pump
  • 16,000l Vacuum or Pump
  • 18,000l Vacuum or Pump


  • 20,000l Vacuum or Pump
  • 25,000l Vacuum or Pump
    • Fully galvanised steel tank of chosen volume
    • 40mm Ø DIN tow eye
    • Tank tipping cylinder with drop support jack, without pressure accumulator (1 double-action control unit required)
    • Hydraulic single-line brake or compressed air brake system with ALB
    • Titan, Gigant or Gigant Plus parabolic suspension from tandem axle models onwards (standard assembly is volume dependent)
    • Rigid or trailed steering axles (model dependent)
    • Tyres 385/65 R22.5 RE max. load per wheel 5000 kg at 60 km/h
    • Vacuum compressor or screw pump 
    • Blind flange 8" front left, right, and rear
    • Blind flange left and right reinforced for turbo-filler
    • 6" suction slider with quick coupler, left
    • Fill level indicator
    • Siphon (vacuum tanker only)
    • Additional siphon (vacuum tanker only)
    • Foam separator (vacuum tanker only & model dependent)
    • Rear-mounted hydraulic slider (1 control unit required)
    • Continuous and robust angular frame
    • 12V LED lighting with 7-pin connector
    • Internal baffle plates (1-3 depending on model)
    • Hose holder (not possible in combination with drag shoe or dribble bar distributor)
    • 600 mm rear access hatch
    • PTO drive shaft, wide angle one side
    • Brackets in preparation for distribution attachment (drag shoe, dribble bar or disc injection)
  • Body Equipment Upgrades

    • Ball head K80 (Ø 80mm)
    • Piton-Fix (Ø 50 mm)
    • Pivoting drawbar eye (Ø 50 mm)
    • Drawbar with swivelling eye (Ø 51 mm)
    • Drawbar suspension incl. tank tipping cylinder and drop support jack (1 double-action control unit required)
    • 8" suction slider with quick coupler, left
    • Mechanical or hydraulic top-fill opening Ø=400mm with ladder (model dependent)
    • Mudguards
    • Internal agitator (with air), including drain tap and hose on siphon (only possible with compressor)
    • Silencer with oil separator for compressor (vacuum tanker only)
    • Hydraulic turbo-filler, left or right mounted
    • Turbo filler with 8" suction nozzle on right/left with 8" docking station, incl. compressor changeover
    • Suction arm 8" without pressure sequence valve incl. compressor
      changeover and docking station, right/left in direction of travel 
    • Hydraulic discharge accelerator fitted behind tank for slurry
    • Hydraulic discharge accelerator with shredding cutter fitted behind tank for slurry
    • Various pipe and hose length options
    • 5-way or 6-way control block options with load sensing


    Axle Equipment Upgrades

    • Trailed or forced steering axles (model dependent)
    • Axle type: BPW 410 x 180 brake drums
    • 550/60-22.5 16 PR max. load per wheel approx. 5450kg at 40km/h
    • 560/60 R22.5 max. load per wheel approx. 6300kg at 40km/h
    • 600/55-22.5 16 PR max. load per wheel approx. 5800kg at 40km/h
    • 650/50 R22.5 max. load per wheel approx. 7070kg at 40km/h
    • 710/45 R22.5 max. load per wheel approx. 6300 kg at 40km/h
    • 650/55 R26.5 max. load per wheel approx. 7900kg at 40 km/h
    • 710/50 R26.5 max. load per wheel approx. 6000 kg at 65 km/h
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