• ASW 391 - Taurus

ASW 391 - Taurus

Wanting to push the limits in terms of capacity, reliability and efficiency? Then look no further than Fliegl's 'Taurus' line of ASW Push-Off Trailers.

The ASW271, 281 and 391 Taurus models package some of Fliegl's best equipment options to offer a high-performance trailer, designed to maximise transporting capacities on tandem or tridem axle assemblies.

Featuring a box height of up to 2.3m, the ASW391 Taurus Tridem reaches an uncompressed capacity of 50m3. 

Comprehensive standard specs also include hydraulic drawbar and axle suspension, 650/55 R26.5 tyres, hydraulic folding underride guard and a mudguard protect package.     

Scroll down to read more about what the ASW391 can offer, with these trailers available for custom indent order now.

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Key Features

  • Tridem chassis
  • Permitted total weight capacity of 30,000g, equivalent to 27,000kg axle load & 3,000kg drawbar load (only possible up to 40km/h)
  • Hydraulic drawbar suspension, bottom hitch
  • K80 ball hitch
  • Mechanical support foot
  • Hydraulic single-line brake without load adjustment valve
  • Trailed steering: center axle rigid, front & rear axles trailed & hydraulically lockable
  • Axle type: BPW 410 x 180 brake drums
  • Tyres 650/55 R26.5, max. load per wheel 65940kg at 65km/h
  • Hydraulic axle suspension assembly
  • 40 km/h version for export
  • Floor 8300mm x 2380mm
  • Hydraulic 800mm depth tail door with 420mm x 250mm grain slider (total length 9100mm)
  • Tail door and side walls 2000mm high, with front wall extension
  • Hydraulic sliding floor with all-round polyurethane strips, optimal sealing & hose guide
  • Underride guard, folding hydraulically
  • Ladder mounted on front
  • Mudguards and side wall fillers 
  • LED lighting 12V with 7-pin connector
  • Standard

    • Galvanised tridem chassis
    • Drawbar with hydraulic suspension, bottom hitch
    • 2-circuit compressed air brake system with ALB
    • 3 brake axles BPW 410 X 180
    • Trailing axle: center axle rigid, front & rear axle hydraulically lockable max. speed of 60km/h
    • Mechanical support foot
    • Hydraulic axle suspension
    • Mechanically shifting axle assembly
    • K80 ball hitch


    • Hydraulic single-line brake, without load adjustment valve
    • Hydraulic support foot
    • Mechanical forced steering: front rigid, rear steered via hydraulic control and K50 attachment  
    • Electronic forced steering: front rigid, rear steered (ISOBUS display and load sensing required)
    • Lubrication block on 2 lubrication points for tandem chassis
    • PTO through drive with ratchet clutch and hydraulic lines for rear attachment
    • Lift axle (only possible with hydraulic suspension, 1 single-action control unit required)
  • Standard

    • Floor 8300 mm x 2380 mm 
    • Hydraulic high-capacity 800mm tail door with grain slider (420 x 250mm)
    • Total body length 9100mm
    • Rear panel and side panels 2000mm high, with front wall extension
    • Side wall panels galvanised & interlocked
    • Hydraulic sliding floor with circumferential polyurethane strips, optimal sealing, hose guide


    • Pressure valve for improved compression
    • Side panels and tailgate 2300mm high, with front grate extension
    • Aluminum 300mm extensions left and right sides 
  • Standard

    • Tyres 650/55-R26.5 max. load per wheel approx. 7,900kg at 40km/h


    • Tyres 710/50 R26.5 max. load per wheel 6000kg at 60km/h
    • Tyres 750/45 R26.5 max. load per wheel 6000kg at 60km/h
    • Tyres 800/45 R26.5 max. load per wheel 6700kg at 60km/h
  • Standard

    • LED lighting 12V 7-pin connector
    • Mudguards
    • Side wall fillers
    • Side marker lights
    • Underride guard, folding hydraulically


    • Reversing camera
    • Monitoring camera
    • Spot lights
    • Beacon light
    • LED working lights