ASW Attachments

The capabilities of Fliegl's Gigant ASW trailers can be fully unlocked with the option of fitting a rear attachment.

A chassis integrated PTO driveline powers the option of a powerful muck spreader or overloading auger, easily exchanged with the wagons standard transport tail door in 20 to 30 minutes using a telehandler or forklift.

Profi V2/V2n Spreader:

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Key Features

Fliegl spreader attachments feature twin vertical milling beaters on top of disc slingers to maximise the distribution of many materials including manure and compost.  Available in 1.5m and 2m versions, the Profi V2n and V2 spreader units can be retrofitted from ASW110 through to ASW391 trailer models.

The feed rate of the push-off system can be controlled as standard by means of a mechanical potentiometer, or optional electric potentiometer.

An optional wide-spread tailgate is available for finer-spreading of dry and high-nutrient materials.  

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ULS Overloading Augers:

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Key Features

Specifically designed for overloading grain, Fliegl's ÜLS 400 and ÜLS 500 rear augers are capable of transferring at rates of 7,500kg and 10,000kg of grain per minute.

Harvester downtime can be reduced with the combination of a Push-Off trailer and auger for grain to be bunkered and transported until distance vehicles are available. Soil compaction associated with trucks operating in paddocks is also eliminated.

Depending on tyres, both models have an overloading height of up to 4.3m and feature a hydraulic slider and folding hinge system.